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Al Hinakyah

Al Hinakyah is the eastern Najd Gate, and a Saudi governorate in the Medina region, and it is the third largest governorate in Medina region after the administrative capital, Medina.

Al-Hinakyah Governorate is located in the eastern side of the administrative borders of Al-Medina Region, on a valley of the most important valleys in which there are a lot of Hyphaene trees and has a height of more than 700 meters above sea level.

Al-Hinakyah Governorate is considered the eastern gate of Najd, which is the link between Al Medina and Al Qassim and Hail regions, and the highway linking the Western Region with the Eastern Region passes through it.

It is 100 km from Medina, and it is bordered to the north by the Hail region, to the south by Al Mahd Governorate, to the east by Al Qassim region and Riyadh region, and to the west by Khaybar region and Medina region.