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• The city of Batna is located in Algeria, and it is located between 35.56 latitude and 6.17 longitude, and it rises above sea level by 1037 meters. The population of Batna is 280.798 people.

• The city of Batna was established in 1844 as a French military base whose main objective is to protect the Qantara Pass, which is located between the Atlas Mountains and the desert and the surrounding mountains. Then the sub-site was moved at a short distance in the eastern side to Ras Al-Ain, and it was called the city of Nouvel Lambé in 1848. Then its name was changed to the city of Batna in the year 1849 AD, and the city of Batna has many roads covered by trees and on the eastern side of it, there is the walled military village. As for trade, the city of Bantah is famous for its agricultural products, and Batna is a tourist base for the Roman ruins in Tazoult Lambiz which is 7 km to the south-eastern side of the city, in addition to Thamugadi, which is 27 km to the southeast side of the city.