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The city of Porto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, and this city is classified as one of the most famous urban areas on the southern side of the continent of Europe, and it is also known as the second capital of the urban area in Portugal. The area of this city is 41.66 square kilometers / 16 square miles, and its population is estimated at 237,584 people, as stated in the 2011 AD statistics.

This city extends along the mouth of the Douro River, located in the northern part of Portugal, and this city has been registered as one of the world heritage sites in the UNESCO World Organization, in 1996 AD.  The name of this city is meant in the Latin language "Porto Cal", that is, the original name of Portugal, and it is written "o Porto", and in English "the port", and because of the difficulty of pronouncing it correctly, it has become called Porto.

The city of Porto is one of the Portuguese cities distinguished by its attractive nature and mild climate, as it is a tourist city that is visited by visitors permanently, as this city contains many old churches with its distinctive designs, and it contains palaces and museums that contain unique artifacts, and this city has a charming nature, It is one of the warm cities throughout the year.

Among the most famous tourist destinations in this city:

Bolsa Palace, this building dates back to the 19th century, and it is one of the buildings designed in a luxurious classic style. This building includes many antiques, including furniture and personal belongings. This palace is also used extensively to hold important conferences and meetings that take place in the city.

There is also an aquarium that represents the beauty and splendor of marine life, in which there are many different types of fish, such as predatory species and beautiful colored fish that appear in a wonderful scene from behind the panoramic glass of the aquarium, and this place was opened in 2009 AD.

There are many historical theatres, the most famous of which is the Coliseu Porto Theatre. This theater is distinguished as the place where most of the important historical concerts are held, in addition to being a distinguished cultural place that allows visitors to enjoy visiting it and getting acquainted with its facilities. It includes many large halls that are used in important conferences, and this theater was built in the middle of the 19th century.