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San Francisco

The United States of America is distinguished by its fifty states, including the city of San Francisco.

 San Francisco has a population of about 776,773 citizens, the most of them are from Asia, and therefore it was called The Asian City. It also has minorities from different races, such as Americans, Europeans, and Germans. 

The person who takes its responsibility is the president who is elected every four years and is called the mayor.

San Francisco is situated in California state and it consists of several hills. Its highest peak is Davidson peak, which rises up to 330 m.

It is bordered to the north by the Pacific Ocean, to the east by San Francisco Bay, and to the south by Daly City.

The city of San Francisco has an area of 334 km2 and the water covers 215 km2 of the total area.

San Francisco has been hit by many earthquakes due to its location near the San Andreas Fault.

It has a mild climate in summer and winter; as the winter is temperate and rain falls, and in summer, the atmosphere is dry.

San Francisco is the financial and banking center of the West Coast of the United States.

 San Francisco is the focus of tourist attention due to the beauty of its beautiful scenery, its shiny beaches and its mild climate. It is also the focus of attention of job seekers due to the presence of gold mines that attract many expatriates for work.

There are many industries such as the food industry and the clothing industry.

The city is distinguished by the presence of the bridge that is called the Golden Gate, as it is a strait located in the north of the city connecting the Pacific Ocean with the famous San Francisco Bay.

It has the famous American pyramid and the headquarter of the Supreme Court of the State of California and the United Nations Conference, which was established in San Francisco in 1945 AD.

There is the famous Alcatraz prison, which was used a lot for the purposes of filming the most famous films.

The region features different neighborhoods that indicate its residents, such as "Chinatown", "Japanese Quarter" and "Mexican Quarter", and there is also the "Financial District" which is a center for California banks.