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Motnreal is the largest Canadian city, and one of the largest cities in the province of Quebec until 1970 AD. It also competes with Toronto as the largest city in Canada and it is the second largest metropolitan area in Canada after Toronto, in addition to being one of the largest inland sea ports in the world. It is the main center of transport, industrial and cultural works, as well as education in Canada with 75 cities and towns.

Montreal is one of the unique sites of its kind, as it is located on an island inside the Saint Laurent River. It was built on Mount Royal, as it is the only Canadian city built on a mountain, which has a height of about 233 meters, as well as it is covered with trees and located in the heart of The cit. Montreal covers a fifth of the island's area, specifically at the meeting point of Saint Lawrence River and the Ottawa River in southern Quebec. 

Historic Overview:

The French explorer (Jacques Cartier) discovered the city of Montreal when he sailed to the Saint Lawrence River and discovered the island of Montreal in 1535 AD. Then, the French settlers built a fortress in Old Montreal in 1642, and established the settlement of Ville Marie, which was called Montreal in the early eighteenth century. In 1763 AD, Canada became a British colony according to the Paris Agreement that was signed that year. Then Montreal was turned into a British commercial center, and with the passage of time the area of the city increased by 10% after it was joined by the suburb of Bonnet or Trumbull. In 1992 AD, Montreal celebrated the passage of 350 years since it was founded.

It has a population of about 1,016,376 people, speaking French.

The school system in Montreal was established on the basis of language and religion, and the French or English language is used in its schools, and in Roman Catholic and Protestant schools, in addition to four universities, the most famous of which are (Montreal University and McGill University). It is one of the major cities facing several problems such as discrimination and poverty, as the English-speaking minority is the only who get important jobs and good housing, what has led to a lot of social tensions in the city.

Montreal is a center for oil refining, clothing, tobacco products, as well as transportation equipment. In addition, it is located in the most productive agricultural region in the Quebec Province, and therefore it has become an important center in meat processing.