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Al Quway'iyah

It is a saudi governorate in Riyadh province located west of Al Riyadh city. It is bordered to the north by Al Dawadmy governorate and Marat governorate, to the south Wadi Al Dawsir governorate, to the east Al Hareeq, Al Al-Mzahmeya and Al Aflaj governorates and to the west 'Afif governorate.

Its area is 95 thousand km² and is considered one of the largest governorates in the Kingdom, due to the large number of villages and hegar affiliated to it. The governorate includes many government departments, colleges, health and technical and social institutes.

 Al Quwai'iya Town is distinguished by its location on a flat plain surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides; northern, western and southern sides. On the western side, there are the famous Al 'Ard mountain ranges with igneous composition, and on the eastern side, there is a wide flat desert with a sedimentary formation, such as Al Hadba' desert and Al Jalah desert.

The city's site in terms of biological construction represents the tip of the Arabian Shield rock which is occupies the meeting point between ancient igneous rocks and sedimentary limestone rocks.

Wadi Al Quwai' is the most famous valleys in Al Quwai’iyah as its flow descends from the west to the east, and it comes from the western countries of Al 'Arad such as Al Quwai', Al Jafara, Miz'al and Muhairraq, then it goes to Al Quwai’iyah and then it rushes to the Al Hadba'a desert.

Al Quwai’iyah was named after Wadi Al Quwai', which it is located at the bottom of. This valley passes through the ancient town of Al Quway’iyah, which was known before Al Quway’iyah. It is located 25 km southwest of Al Quway’iyah.