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Al Rass is a major city located in the west of Qassim, adjacent to the Rumah valley from the north and one of the known cities in Najd.

It is one of the oldest cities mentioned in the books of ancient countries, as it existed more than three hundred years before sending the Prophet.

It is one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is distinctive for its important location, fresh air and fresh water.

It is one of the oldest cities in the Qassim region.

It is currently an important commercial center in the Qassim region because of its diverse markets and the presence of many government departments, institutes and colleges. That in return makes it a busy commercial area.

Rass borders: It is bordered by Hail region from the north, Riyadh from the south, Sudair and Al-Washem from the east, and Medina from the west.

It is located in Qassim in the heart of Najd province, Saudi Arabia, on the bank of the southern Rumah Valley.

It is connected to Riyadh, Hijaz and the major cities of the Kingdom by some paved roads like the road to Mecca in the southwestern part of the Qassim province.

Rass in the standard Arabic language is the old well. When people say Rass, it means the old well, according to what Hassan bin Thabit Ansari said in one of his poems.

The name of this province is symbolic, as this city was in the past a place that Arab tribes drink water form as mentioned by Yakut Hamwi in the Dictionary of Countries.