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Al Baha City

It is the capital of Al Bahah region and the headquarters of the emirate, and is one of the most important cities of Saudi Arabia in terms of tourism and agriculture. The city hosts Government departments and major commercial centers in addition to the popular markets most important of which is Thursday market.
Al-Baha has a population of approximately 411,888 thousand people, distributed over the city and its outskirts.
Al-Baha was burned twice; the first time was in 1249 AH by Sharif Hazza and the second time dates back to 1274 AH by Al-Sharif Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Mu'in ibn Aun.
The city is surrounded by many forests, including: Raghadan Forest, Shahbah Forest and Dar Al Jabal and Zarqa which was visited by Sharif Hussein and called it Hijaz park and the village of Makkah. From the north, it is bordered by Al koraa governorate, from the south, Al-Mandak and Al-Makhwah, from the south, Baljurashi, and from the east, Al-Aqiq.
It is located west of the Kingdom in the southwest of the historical Hijaz province in Saudi Arabia between longitudes 41/42 and latitudes 19/20. It has a central location among the tourist areas and is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Baha and its suburbs has a population of more than 411,888 thousand people, according to the census in 1431 AH, and this population is distributed in the city and some surrounding suburbs and villages. Its residents work in government departments, the military, and some in agriculture, trade and education.