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Ealiat Najid

Ealiat Najid or Najd Al Olya is a name given to the western region of Najd which adjacent to Al Hijaz in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. It was a home to famous Arab tribes in pre-Islamic period (Jahiliyah) and early Islam such as Qais Ailan which Abu Ziyad Al Kalabi mentioned it, and whose mountains and locations are mentioned in the poems of famous Arab poets in pre-Islamic period and early Islam.

It is divided locally into two parts: a western part and an eastern part. The western part is called Ealiat Najid or Najid Al Olya, which is what Saad Al Junaidel mentioned in his book about it and the eastern part is called Safalat Najd or Najd Al Sofla.

It has "Jabal Hodn", north to Tarbah governorate. Najid is a giant plateau that mediates the Arabian Peninsula, and it is a plateau with a height ranging between (762 - 1524 m) above the sea surface, with a gradual decline from west to east.

The "Najid plateau" is bordered by Al Nefud Al Kebir Desert in the north, "Al Dahna" in the east, and the "Alrub' Al Khali" in the south, while it is bordered in the west by Al Hijaz Mountains" and in the southwest by "Aseer Heights".