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About the city


• It is one of the provinces of Turkey, its capital is the city of "Izmit", with an area of 3635 km2 and a population of 1,560,138 people, and the average population density is 331 / km2.

• The city of "Kocaeli" is located where the railways linking Asia and Europe intersect with Istanbul.

• The city is considered one of the most important industrial centers in the "Marmara" region and all of Turkey. The city is also distinguished by its beautiful villages and picturesque nature, along with a history that always renews itself.

Among the most important landmarks of the city:

• The Clock Tower: The clock tower is located in the “Kamal Pasha” district between the “Himyuni Palace” and “Kemal Ataturk’s Temple”, and the tower was established for the sake of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his accession to the throne by the mayor of “Izmit” at the time, “Moussa Kazem Bey".

• "Izmit" train station: The "Izmit" train station extends from "Haydarpasa" to "Izmit" at a distance of 91 km, and the train journeys began on August 4, 1871 AD, and part of the station was restored again in 2006 by "Kocaeli" province, while the second section is used as a museum.

• "Yarhisar" ships museum: "Yarhisar" ships have been used as exploration ships for the Turkish army for 40 years, and the museum opens its doors to visitors and lovers of the sea.

• "Kocaeli" forest: The "garden" forest is located in the northeast of the city. It is considered a store of oxygen because it contains fresh air that helps to relax and get away from the pressures of life.

• “Kafkan”: It is considered one of the most developed areas on the Black Sea coast. The place is characterized by pink rocks and what distinguishes these rocks is their hardening immediately after their exit from the sea.

• "Bash Derman" Walk Square: The square belongs to the village of "Karapinar". The square is distinguished by its picturesque nature and fresh air, which made it an arena for walking.

• Kocaeli ski center: It is a favourite place in summer and winter, as the place is famous for its green nature which is covered with snow, and it provides places for food and drink, and the place is also famous for its salmon.