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The city of Rize is located in Turkey, especially in the northeastern section, close to the Turkish-Georgian border.

The city of Rize is the capital of Rize province; it overlooks the Black Sea from its northern side. 

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was born in Rize. It is one of the most beautiful provinces in Turkey and it annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, especially from the Arab countries as Syria, Iraq and Kuwait.

The city of Reza is about 1,300 km from Istanbul, and about 1,000 km from Ankara.

Rize is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, its population is about 100000 people in 2012 AD, and its area is approximately 250 square kilometers.

Its name comes from Greek, and was given to a small ancient city built beside the Black Sea.

The climate in the city of Rize is distinctive, it is humid, but there is always storms as it lies on the Black Sea.

The city of Reza is famous for its cultivation of tea, it is considered the first source of tea inside Turkey and outside, and it was called the city of tea. The crafts and other works spread among the city's residents and also the fishing as it is close to the Black Sea.

 It is a Turkish Province, with an area of 3,800 square kilometers.

It was inhabited by the Greeks during ancient times, and they called it Rize, which in Greek means the beauty of the mountains, as it contains large number of mountains and the snow covers its high peaks.

The Greek rule of the city lasted for a long time, then it was followed by the Byzantine until 1080 AD, when the Seljuk Turks conquered it and from that day until the present day the city remained under Turkish control.

• Tourist attractions of Rize:

Ayder Kaplıcaları Baths: These baths are located in the Ayder Valley, which contain beautiful, warm, mineral water.

Çat Köy Valley and Village: Both the valley and village are distinguished by its beauty.

Maçkar Çayı Dağı Mountains: All mountain climbers can enjoy this hobby and climb this distinctive mountain.

Tülü Gelin Şelalesi Waterfalls: These waterfalls pour from the Idir Mountains, and it is surrounded by large areas of beautiful green lands. These waterfalls flows into the Idir baths.

Fırtına Deresi River: This River contains pure water, and it is located in an area characterized by its wonderful environment, and it contains many facilities such as cafes, and clubs.

Kaçkar Dağı park

Şenyuva Bridge

Black Sea Coast: This coast is considered one of the most distinctive places in Rize; You can spend your time in this region, specifically in beautiful rural houses, or in one of the luxurious and distinctive hotels.

Çağran Kaya Yaylası Peak: The summit of caran Kaya Yaylası is covered with snow.

Kaçkar Dağı Natural Park: A natural park.

senyuva Köprüsü Bridge: it passes over the Firtina river.