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• The city of "Aseer" is located in the southwestern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, within the thirteen regions identified by the Saudi region system.

• It is bordered to the east by the regions of Riyadh and Najran, to the south by the regions of Jazan, Najran, and Yemen, while to the north and west it is adjacent to the region of Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

• The city of "Aseer" includes a number of governorates, the most important of which are: Khamis Mushait, Al-Namas, Bisha, Muhayil, Tathleeth, Sarat Abidah, Rijal Almaa, Ahad Rafidah, Dhahran Al-Janoub, Al-Majardah, Balqarn, in addition to Abha the capital.

• Its area is about eighty-one thousand square kilometers, and the city of Abha is the official capital, and its Emirate is assumed by Prince "Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud", who was appointed Emir of it on the sixteenth of May of the year 2007 AD, after his cousin "Khalid Al-Faisal". 

• The city of "Aseer" was given this name because of the hardness of its lands and the large number of high mountains in it. There are narrations say that all the families who successively ruled "Aseer" region are from the "Aseer tribe".

• The population of the "Aseer" region, according to the statistics of two thousand and fifteen, reached about 2,373 million people, of which Saudis constitute 83%, males constitute 49.9%, while the percentage of females increases to 50.1%, and they in total constitute about 7.5% of the Kingdom's population. The Aseer region is also witnessing a steady population growth at an annual rate estimated at 3.8%, according to statistics for the year one thousand four hundred and thirty-one AH. The number of residences in the Aseer region was estimated at 452,057.

The "Aseer" region is characterized by the diversity of its topography and the nature of its climate. In the eastern part of it, large areas of plains extend that are famous for cultivating dates, vegetables, and some citrus varieties, thanks to the fertility of its soil in addition to the availability of water in it. On the western side, there is the "Sarwat Mountains" chain, which is more than three thousand meters above sea level.

The terrain in "Aseer" is divided into two parts: the "Tihama region" which lies between the series of "Sarawat Mountains" and the coasts of the "Red Sea", where there are a number of mountains called "Mountains of Tihama", and the high area of "Sarawat Mountains" that extends to the borders of the state of Yemen in the south.