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Colombo is considered the financial centre and the political center of Sri Lanka, as it's the largest city in Sri Lanka. Colombo is located at the north of the Indian Ocean south of the Indian subcontinent, whereas Colombo city is located at the southwest coast of the country near Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.

Colombo was recognized from ancient times since the Roman merchant, the Arab merchant, and the Chinese merchant knew about the city. Some of the merchants settled in the city in the 8 century, due to the financial importance and the political importance of the city port. When the Portuguese arrived at the city in the 16 century, they took over Colombo and built a castle to protect them and their trade. In 1656 the dutch took over Colombo, where it became a coastal capital for the companies that belong to eastern India and Netherlands. After that, the British took over Colombo until it gained its independence in 1948.

 Colombo was the city that Ahmed ʻUrabi, Mahmoud Sami el-Baroudi, and Abdullah al-Nadeem were exiled to.

Top monument in colombo

Colombo National Museum

Mount Lavinia Beach

Natural history museum