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About the city


The name of the town is derived from a mythical story which claims a demon named 'Bem' ruled the tota or river bank. while other believe that it was named after the muslim scholar and explorer Ibn Battuta. Bentota is situated on the southwest bank of Sri Lanka, Southern Province of Galle district.

Top monument in Bentota

Fish market is a market that is located 10 kilometers from the center of the city, where many tourists visit to fish.

The Sea Turtle Hatchery is one of the biggest facilities to protect turtles in Sri Lanka, where the turtle eggs are fertilized in the soil. After keeping the turtle for a while, the turtle is released in the sea but only few survive and the rest is eaten by other fish.

Madu Ganga is located in Balapitiya 18 kilometers away from the center of Bentota.

Buddha temple is located 6 kilometers from the center of bentota that dates back to 1734.

The Dutch Castle