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About the city

suwon is the capital of gyeonggi district that is located 20 miles away from seoul. suwon is considered one of the main educational centers in korea, as it has 14 universities. suwon also famous places as Hwaseong Fortress, which is enlisted by the UNESCO as a cultural site. also the world cup stadium home to the football team Suwon Samsung Bluewings, which hosted the finals of the football world cup 2002.

how can tourists get from seoul to suwon by metro; you are goning to ride line no.1 also known as cheonan line, but be careful as the line divides and you could end up at incheon.

the best and the fastest way is riding a train from seoul to suwon.

if you take the bus no.5110 from gangnam station, it will take you to Yeongtong that is located in suwon.