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• "Qarku i Beratit- Berat District" is one of the 12 districts of Albania, located in the center of Albania.

• Its population in the 2011 census amounted to 141944, with an area of 1798 square kilometers, and its capital is the city of Berat.

• It is the most famous for its ancient architecture, as its houses located next to each other on a sloping hill.

• It dates back to the end of the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century AD, and Berat was called "the city of a thousand windows" because of the windows of its houses adjacent to the hill, which qualified it to be on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the Ottoman era, the city was a center for wood carving.

• It was opened by the Ottoman Empire in 1450 AD, then the Albanian forces of "Iskander Bey" - unsuccessfully - besieged the fortress in 1455 AD, and the province remained under Ottoman control until 1912 AD, when it became part of independent Albania.