Hadaj Well

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  • Country : Saudi Arabia , Tayma

  • Address : N 27.628E38.552

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Hadaj Well

Historic overview:

The digging of the well is attributed to the Babylonian king "Nabonidus", who lived in Tayma for ten years. The city of Tayma is located in an oasis that was very prosperous in ancient times. We know that from one of the inscriptions related to King Nabonidus, which refers to the city and the surrounding countryside. The countryside seems to have been rich in palm orchards that have been a feature of this oasis over the centuries. we find also a clear reference to it in the poetry of "Imru' al-Qais" in the sixth century AD after 12 centuries from the era of "King Nabonidus" and is still in fact until now. The visitor to the region can see the inscriptions, especially around Al-Hadaj Well which its construction likely dates back to the third century BC.

Current location:

Hadaj Well is located in Tayma Governorate, which is one of the governorates located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the center of Tayma, which is administratively affiliated to the Emirate of Tabuk.

The well gained an important place in the Arabian Peninsula; Because it is one of the largest wells whose water was and still sufficient to water people and animals at the same time, and for this reason this well is called the Sheikh of the wells.

The diameter of the wellhead is 65 meters, its depth is from 11 to 12 meters, and it is built of polished stones, surrounded by palm trees from all four sides.

The well accommodates watering 100 heads of camels at one time during the summer, while the water is transported from the well by 31 stone channels.

The construction of this well is of a Babylonian character; It is said that the construction of this well was during the era of the Babylonian civilization, where the construction is similar to Alhambra Palace, Arradam Palace and the wall.

This well was named by this name in relation to the god of water for Semitic People, and also in relation to the word "hadj" which means walking speedy, which refers to the speed of the flow of the well water.

Hadaj water is characterized by sweetness and abundance, as it is not limited to anyone, but belongs to everyone.

The water flows through the well to irrigate the crops through thirty-one water channels that were dug from the corners of the well until they branch and water the orchards and fields.


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