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About the city


• Tlemcen is a city located in the north-western region of Algeria, and it is the actual capital of the province of Tlemcen, and the second largest city in terms of importance after Oran, due to its ancient past, its authentic Andalusian monuments, its Islamic manifestations, in addition to its picturesque nature and green quarters. It is the great pearl of Morocco as people call it, and the city of art and history as George Marcy called it; This is due to the large number of wonderful artistic buildings in it, which show its intellectual, cultural and political past. In addition to its natural appearances, the civilizations that came to it had an important role in making it one of the most magnificent and finest cities, and thus it deserved its position and titles, which are the jewel of Morocco and Granada of Africa.

• Many civilizations rolled over the city of Tlemcen, and the most prominent of them were the Berbers, where they left their touches and monuments, the most prominent of which was Agadir castle, and they were the ones who called the city Tlemcen, which means springs, due to the large number of water springs in it. They were followed by the Vandals, who inhabited it during the Roman rule of the city, but did not stay long in it; The Roman Catholics expelled them from it, while the Romans ruled it in the first quarter of the last quarter of the fifth century AD. Until the Muslim Arabs came in the year 671 AD, and they expelled them out of it, and this was done under the leadership of Caliph Uqba bin Nafi. After Tlemcen was subject to the Umayyad and Abbasid rule, the tribes of the Banu Zenata came and ruled from the beginning of the eighth century AD until its end, then the Idrisids followed them, and they were people who came From the far Maghreb, they conquered it with the approval of the leader of the Zenata, and ruled it throughout the ninth century AD, and there are some Idrisid tribes that still exist in Tlemcen, and then there were some tribes that followed them, such as the Almoravids, the Almohads, Bani Abdel-Wad, and the Marinids.

• The city of Tilsman is currently famous for its cultivation of vines and olives. It also exports leather, carpets, textiles which are handcrafted or made in factories.

The most important tourist attractions in Tlemcen:

- The Great Mosque: It is one of the most important mosques built by the Almoravids in Tlemcen during their rule therein, and it is a very large mosque.

- Sidi Belahcène Mosque: This mosque represents the splendour and luxury of building mosques in this city, despite the small size of this mosque, its construction is remarkable because of its beautiful decorations that make it like a masterpiece, so this mosque was turned into a large museum, then into a school, during the periods when Tlemcen was colonized.