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About the city

Al Ghat

Al Ghat is a governorate characterized by its beautiful nature, as it is a green agricultural oasis located between Tuwaiq Mountain in the east and Nfod Al Thwairat (Al Slaibikh) in the west.  It has three natural poles in an area estimated at about 10 measures: the mountainous environment, the agricultural environment, and the sandy environment (Nfod). Al Ghat has recently awarded as the best mountainous environment represented by Shoaib Al Ghat (Al Ghat National Park).

Al Ghat is located 230 km north of Riyadh, and it belongs administratively to the Riyadh region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Ghat Governorate links the Riyadh region and the Qassim region, and it is the last country in the Sudair region to the north. It has population of 10269 thousand people.

The population of the Al Ghat of the Saudis is 7029 people, and the non-Saudis are 4121 people, with a total of 10269 people, distributed among the districts and centers of the Al Ghat governorate.

Ghat was known as "Loghat" and it is now known as "Ghat".

Southeast of the ancient town of Al Ghat; about 10 km away; and on the west bank of Wadi Marakh, There is a site containing many carvings and drawings carved on individual rocks dating back from 900 BC to 400 AD.

The Historical Monuments in Al Ghat:

Al Hutaia' Well

Marakh Valley

Al Ghat Valley

The Ancient Town of Al Ghat

Al Maghiran Castle

Al Sabikha