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About the city

Al Kharj

Historic overview:

Al-Kharj: it is a valley in which there are villages and farms, from the land of Al-Yamamah, and it is for Bani Qais bin Thalabah bin Akabah, from Bakr bin Wael on the road to Makkah from Basra, and it is the best valley in Yamamah.

Al-Kharj: is located in sand in the land of Bani Tamim, and "Al-Kharj": is in Al Yamamah.

Current location:

Al-Kharj Governorate is located in the central eastern part of the city of Riyadh, and it is bordered to the east by Al-Ahsa Governorate, to the west by the governorates of Al-Muzahmiya and Al-Hariq, Howtat Bani Tamim, to the south by Al-Aflaj and Howtat Bani Tamim, and to the north by Riyadh.

Al-Kharj city (the headquarters of the governorate) is about 85 km to the southeast of Riyadh, and they are linked by a double asphalt highway.

It is the capital of the dairy and one of the most important agricultural governorates at the level of the Kingdom as it is considered a basic source for food security as it is famous for the fertility of its lands and the abundance of underground water and springs, and it is the destination of researchers and those interested in history, as some of its monuments date back to the third millennium BC and had witnessed many important historical battles like “Hameyat Al-Watis ” battle between the founding king Abdul Aziz, may God rest his soul, and Ibn Rashid.


"Tag Al Aroos": by Al-Zubaidi

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Al-Riyadh Newspaper - Issue 13850

Farazan Al-Kharj tarekhoha lays magholan

May 26, 2006