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About the city



Hail is a city in North Saudi arabiait is the capital of the Emirate Hail region,it considers as regional and administrative capital to the region, it has two famous mountians; Aja mountain and Salma mountain, it is located in Aja mountain region exactly in West Adyra valley.

It extends as an arch around Al Samaraa mountain, it is borded on it is North and West Aja mountain, it contains Samah well which is famous by sweetness and abundance of his water,it is also the home land of the Rashid royal during 19th century and early 20th century whom his influence stretched in the most Najd city and others region till it was overthrown by Abdul Aziz Al soud in 1940s.

There is many wild parks and gardines;Masher wild park,princes saud Ibn Abd AlMohsen garden and Alshabab park in Alazhar district.

There is some mountains in the city as Aja mountain; it is located in Northwest city, also Salma mountain located in Southeast and it is 60k.m faraway also there is Samara mountain and Roman mountain which is known by his pomegranate tree.

Castles in hail city

Barzan castel:it is known as Barzan palace, it was built by Mohammmed bin Abdul Muhsin Al-ali and later it becomes palace of rule of principality Al-Ali then it was destroyed in the era of Al Rashid,only remains Barzan market.

Aarif castel:it is a historical castel located on a small mountain in the center of Hail city, it considered as one of the most famous landmarks in the region.

AL-Qishlah castel:It is an army barracks,it was built in1360s during the principality of king Abdul Aziz and it was finished in1362s, it is aclay building rectangular,consists on two essencial floor.