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About the city

Jazan city is the administrative capital of Jazan region. It is located in the southwestern side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea coast, bordered on the northern and eastern sides by Asir, and on the western side by the Red Sea, and from the southern and southeastern sides by Yemen.

It hosts Jazan port which is the third largest port of the Kingdom on the red sea coast in terms of capacity.

It is one of the land ports connecting Saudi Arabia to the republic of Yemen as it is bordered on the south and south-east, and the second smallest region in terms of area in Saudi Arabia as its area is about 13,457 km2. In addition, it

includes a number of its respective governorates and administrative centers

It is one of the most important agricultural regions in the kingdom due to the variety of its crops as it is noted for mango and papaya. 

Jazan city hosts historical places and monuments date back to 8000 years BC, and it is marked by being a tourist attraction all over the year. It is characterized by its charming nature, evergreen plants and temperate climate in summer.

The climate of "Jazan" region varies because of its diversity of geographical characteristics and the movement of the tropical winds.The coastal plain climate is temperate in winter and temperatures and humidity are high in summer, and temperatures are gradually reduced in the mountains.

Historical Monuments

 The city contains a variety of monuments with ancient history, namely:

"Al-Dosarya Castle": The castle is located in the center of the city, overlooking the Red Sea, and the height of the castle reaches one hundred and fifty meters above sea level. The castle is distinguished by its square shape and has a total area of ​​nine hundred square meters.

"Haraj Al-Mudarabia": This forest is located in the city center at Al-Jabal neighborhood, and it consists of a spacious yard, and contains many markets for household supplies.

"King Abdullah Regional Airport": The distance of the airport from the city center is about three kilometers, and this airport was opened in one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one, and it provides a range of services for travelers with many lines in the countries of Saudi Arabia, flynas and the Gulf, and its total area reaches 4.7 square kilometers.