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About the city

Al Zulfi

Al Zulfi Governorate is one of the regions that contain large numbers of population, and is located in the northeast of Najd. It is also considered the northwestern part of the Riyadh region.

Al Zulfi has an important and strategic location as it links between the Gulf States and the eastern side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the prehistoric eras and ancient times, Al Zulfi was a strategic location among the borders of Al Manathirah, the kingdom of Kinda and the kingdom of Ghassanah as Al Zulfi was also a link between the Kingdom of Hajar and the Kingdom of Al 'Amalek in the Kingdom of Tayma', Mecca, Yathrib, Mo'een and Al Hajar.

Archaeologists have found that the "Museum of Al Zulfi" contains fighting and hunting machines dating back to the Stone Age, some of which are homemade. Some Thamudic inscriptions have been found, and archaeologists are doing many researches to study and search for more evidence; Whereas, their researches indicate the existence of monuments in Al Zulfi from ancient civilizations close to the Kasr Lake.

Al Zulfi is one of the largest cities in Al Riyadh governorate. It is also belonging to the Riyadh region. AlZulfi is considered one of the smallest governorates in the region in terms of area because the desert sands represent about 91% of the total area of Al Zulfi city.

Al Zulfi governorate is next to Al Nefud Dessert and contains more than 620 mosques.

The scientists had different views as to why Al zulfi named by this name; some of them said that the name was from "Zilifat" due to the gradual rise in "Tuwaiq Mountain".

Al Zulfi region is considered one of the tourist attractions as a summer resort. It also has many parks and attractive regions such as: Al Kasr Lake, Rawdat Al Sabla, and there are many valleys such as Wadi Al Nom, Samnan, and Wadi Marakh.